Carl Sparks Award of 1994

In 1994 senior Jim Na was awarded the Carl Sparks award 

“I participated in as many sports as I could, and I was always happy and proud to where anything that was Puyallup High School related,” Na said.  

Sports was a way for Na not only meet people he says but connect with the students of Puyallup High School. 

“I think whatever activity you doand in my case, it was sportsthat my friendships were connected to the team because we had a lot of common interests. I still even now have a handle full of friends even if it was through sports or not, happen to be on the same team and they are still close friends,” Na said 

When Na was attending Puyallup one of his favorite memories, he says, was playing football under the lights of Sparks Stadium and walking over from the high school, which is a tradition thteam continues. 

Even today, sports are a big part of Na’s life and even his family’s life. Na went on to play professional baseball, his wife was a swimmer at the University of Washington.  

Because of their background, Na’s family remains very active in sports. 

 With sports being a big part Na’s life there are probably a couple of things he wishes he could say to his younger self. 

“If I could give a piece of advice to my younger self, it would be always work hard and the one thing I don’t think I did a good enough job of would be eating correctly. I think eating correctly really helps with the way that you perform,” Na said  

After high school, Na’s career for baseball did not stop; he continued to play baseball at the University of Washington. Then he went on to play professional; Na signed on with the Montreal Expos who are now the Washington Nationals. He also spent a year with the Anaheim Angels.