“Jackie” Delights, Impresses

Bailee Doman

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I am a person who really loves learning about history. I have been since I was little. But one area of the subject I never really learned about was presidents.

Back in 1963, the President John F. Kennedy was assassinated. His story has been told many times over. But a side of the story you do not normally hear about that of is Jacqueline “Jackie” Kennedy’s point of view as the wife of former president John F. Kennedy.

The movie Jackie is about the week after his assassination and the affects it had on his family.

Normally when you wait for a movie to start there is usually music or sound effects but for this movie that was not the case. The opening is completely silent. No music was used to open the movie. The lack of music in the beginning really set the tone for the whole movie; the somber tone was very prevalent in the opening.

This movie was an amazing piece of art. Natalie Portman had such grace and poise while playing Jackie Kennedy. She portrayed the character amazingly well, her emotion was so vivid. You could see the hurt in her eyes.

The movie is about Kennedy telling her story to a journalist who is interviewing her about how she feels about her husband’s death.

A very interesting part of the movie was the part that they added real footage from the actual Jackie Kennedy. The costumes were so accurate I had not even realized that it was real video.

There was a point in the movie where she tells the journalist about her video of her touring the White House and they integrated the real video of her touring. The movements combined with the stunning costumes made me not even think twice about the sudden shift in quality of the video.

The shots taken in this movie are stunning. They felt so fluid and were pieced together so immaculately. One of the most moving scenes in the whole movie is when Kennedy has to tell her two children that their dad was not coming home. I almost started to cry right at that moment. Those moments in movies where parents have to tell their kids that someone they love has died are the moments that are the most impactful to me. Another stunning shot is when Jackie has to wipe her husband’s blood off her face. You could really sense the hurt in her face and how emotionally vulnerable she was at the time.

An interesting thing that I had noticed was that the character who was portraying John F. Kennedy never spoke a word until the end where the actual Kennedy spoke. The fact that the whole movie was completely focused on Jackie Kennedy gave the whole movie a different viewpoint on the assassination.

There was not very much about this movie that I disliked. At the beginning of the movie when it was silent I felt very uncomfortable but when I realized what was happening I thought it was really cool.

This movie is a such an amazing piece of art, I would definitely recommend this movie to anyone who likes learning about history or learning about past U.S. presidents or people who just love really good movies.