Astrological Events in 2021

Lana Moss, Editor-in-Chief

As many of us are aware, 2020 was an interesting year to say the very least. 

The abnormality of these 12 months was to be expected by those who have submersed themselves in the world of astrology seeing as though multiple rare astrological events took place throughout the span of 2020. 

These events ranged from a string of supermoons to a blue moon taking place on Halloween to the rare great conjunction which ushered us all into the new year. 

Though 2021 is slightly more calm compared to the celestial chaos of the year people are referring to as the worst year yet, there are still multiple prominent events to look out for.

Before exploring the upcoming celestial movements for this coming year, it will be helpful to take a look at what 2020 left us with. The great conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn, not having taken place in hundreds of years, spanned from about Dec. 15- 29 with Dec. 21 being the day that the two planets were the closest they had been since the early 1600s and the closest they will be until the year 2080. 

Conjunctions take place when two planets sync up together for a brief period of time in which the energies of both planets are combined. The great conjunction is one of growth, good health and good fortune coming from Jupiter mixed with restrictive limitations coming from Saturn. Not so coincidentally, this power struggle between planets aligns with one taking place among the current most prominent figures in our country; those who are currently and those who previously resided in the white house. Living in the Age of Aquarius, this sign of humanitarian efforts and revolutionary style is one to pay attention to, especially since it is also the sign in which this 2020 great conjunction took place. This is giving this theme of revolutionary humanitarianism a large push going into the new year. 

Coming up first on the calendar is a stellium taking place in – again – aquarius this February. A stellium in astrology is simply when three or more planets are clustered together in the same sign. This specific stellium includes the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn. It is important to note that since this event is taking place in aquarius which is a fixed sign, all fixed signs (taurus, scorpio, leo and aquarius) will be especially impacted beginning around Feb. 11. This full stellium will again shift the world’s attention toward humanitarian issues and it would not be surprising if additional revolutionary events took place any time during this remarkable cluster of planets.

Also taking place in February as well as june and december are squares between Saturn and Uranus. A square in astrology is when two planets align at exactly 90 degrees which is seen as an alignment bound to bring tension. As previously stated Saturn is a planet of restrictions, limits and traditions which will square Uranus, a planet representing innovation and sudden change on Feb. 14, June 14 and Dec. 24 this year. Seeing as though Uranus is often referred to as ‘the awakener’ in astrology, it is obvious that the world’s’ previous traditions will be shaken at these three points throughout 2021. 

Astrologically speaking, eclipses represent a dramatic and climactic celestial point with lunar eclipses heightening the power of the full moon and solar eclipses pushing us to take a look at ourselves internally. Taking place in 2021, there are three important eclipse dates all falling in the signs gemini and sagittarius. Taking place on May 26 is a lunar eclipse in sagittarius, on June 10 a solar eclipse in gemini and on Dec. 4 a solar eclipse in sagittarius. Though eclipses are not rare, these signs of cycle endings and internal assessment are important dates to take note of. 

Finally, the dreaded retrograde of mercury comes in a set of three this year, and are all set to take place in each air sign. When a planet is in retrograde, it means that it is going backward in orbit. When Mercury, the planet of communication and intellect is in retrograde, it means that these very things important to our daily lives are going to be at risk in some way, along with technology. These mercury retrogrades are set to take place on Jan. 30, May 29 and Sept. 27. Also important to note along with the usual interruption of  communication that is typical for a retrograde in mercury is the fact that since they are taking place in air signs exclusively, our analysis and social affairs in general will be interrupted and confused as well. 

Although 2021 is a more tame year astrologically compared to 2020, these prominent events for this coming year are still important to pay attention to as a means of self reflection and connection.