Halloween Kills Tops Charts

Tyson Sellers, Staff

“Halloween Kills,” based off previous 2018 film “Halloween,” is one of my top five Halloween movies. This is especially for those who are intrigued by menacing slasher filled movies. Definitely one I would want to see again.  

Directed by David Gordon Green, this movie has it all. This movie is based in Haddonfield, Illinois. It is a typical slasher movie where the villain goes around and kills everyone. The rest of the characters are not only trying to survive but they are also trying to kill Michael Meyers. 

One of the things the movie has is a multitude of famous actors, like Jamie Lee Curtis, who played Laurie Strode in the original Halloween movie in 1978 and, plays the same character in Halloween Kills. Another returning actress from the first movie was Kyle Richards who revised her role as Lindsey Wallace.  She is currently known for being on the reality TV show “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.” Also making a return from the original movie is Nick Castle as the menacing Michael Meyers. 

The acting in this movie was spot on; Curtis was outstanding as an elderly version of her original character. There were no bad scenes in this movie; my favorite scenes were the dozens of kills. The special effects were also perfect. The blood and gore looked so real; the makeup artists did a really good job. On multiple kills done by “The Shape” the gore and blood effects were awesome.  In one of Michaels kills he cut open someone’s throat and the blood looked as if you were to get a cut on your knee. 

The ending to this movie was insane, with the beginning of the movie showing recaps of what happened in the first movie. The cuts in this movie were very smooth along with the transitions. You can tell the editors put a lot of effort into this movie. You should go see this movie if you love blood and jump scares because there is a ton. 

This movie is probably one of the best slasher movies I’ve seen in a while. In 2022 there will be another Halloween movie titled “Halloween Ends.” This movie is free to watch on the streaming app Peacock and it is free if you have XFINITY. This movie is a 10/10 recommended if you love blood and guts.