“No way home” poised to continue shattering records


Alison Ely, A&E Editor

Released back in December of last year, “Spiderman: No Way Home” continues to be one of the most anticipated movies this year. Marvel fans were looking forward to its release, with expectations high and wanting answers from the previous film, “Spiderman: Far From Home”. Tom Holland’s incarnation as Spiderman develops a sense of comfort and hits close to home. If you thought this was going to be one of the most successful versions of the movies yet, you may be right. With at least five villains, rumors of previous actors, a record-breaking trailer and the concept of the multiverse opening it all up; “Spider-Man: No Way Home” continues to please its viewers.  

The story starts immediately after the events at the conclusion of the previous movie, the dying Mysterio has leaked Peter Parker’s true identity. Due to social media  suspicions and conspiracy theories, his name and reputation becomes tainted. This causes him to seek out the help of Doctor Strange, who offers a solution. He’s able to help Peter by casting a spell, one that would make the whole world forget Spider Man’s true identity. But the spell gets tampered with, having an opposite effect of what he is after, opening portals to other universes and drawing in characters who know Parker to his universe. This is our first glimpse into the MCU’s multiverse. 

The influence of the multiverse is one that is most likely to shape the future of the franchise. Director Jon Watts harnesses the idea well and satisfyingly puts it to work in the depiction of a live action version of the spider saga. It’s all very nostalgic and self-referential as screenwriters Chris McKenna and Erik Sommers purposefully use memorable lines like “With great power comes great responsibility” from past movies to make the film even more remarkable. With different characters coming from many backgrounds due to the disrupted spell, this is where the movie’s plot differs from many marvel movies. Beyond its humor and nostalgia at its core it’s a film with a pacifistic message that values redemption over revenge. Not that there aren’t plenty of fight scenes but the point of this movie isn’t about destroying your enemies,  but rather finding ways to help them instead. It’s quite powerful and unique for a genre that’s all about toppling larger-than-life foes.

The visual effects in general have been parceled out and tapered down, so that we don’t have to look through the previous effects of “”Far From Home”. The action scenes, featuring hand-to-hand combat, feel more practical than previous films. Many combat scenes utilized the actors’ strengths, including Tom Holland’s previous stunt training. This makes it feel more real, instead of relying on CGI. A first-person perspective straps you in for a dizzying ride with Spider-Man swinging from A to B. Small details, such as Peter using his webs to grab things around Aunt May’s apartment add welcome charm and color. This time, Parker also exercises his Spidey senses, so that the often-joked-about “Peter tingle” is now a real asset — one that we can finally feel too, via sound effects and a close-up on Holland’s face. This makes the movie seem more engaging. By adding into certain aspects from the comics it almost brings us back to our childhoods

A sequence with Doctor Strange is not only trippy and eye-popping, but it gives Parker a chance to use his other superpower: his brain. Holland’s iteration, while younger than the previous two, rarely has the opportunities to utilize this less-flashy asset. A scientific prodigy in the comics, Holland’s on-screen version verged on being painted as a frustratingly naive and gullible teenager. But this time around, he fares much better 

Altogether, the movie was by far one of the best depictions of the loved Marvel comic. The pacing and plot were both exceptional, making you engaged throughout the movie. The darker PG- 13 rated material pushes Holland to burning, emotional places. His eyes flicker with the difficult moral decisions. This is what I liked most about the movie, as Holland is an amazing actor. He’s able to get the audience to either cry or laugh with him, making me thoroughly enjoy watching the character development. Another part that was my favorite was action sequences which felt more real than the previous films. This made me excited and impressed with the effort the actors and production crew put into the fim. If you’re looking for a well put together movie, this definitely exceeds its expectations.