The Viking Vanguard

Fair booth works for compliance

Patrick Fairbanks, Chief

February 5, 2015

In the Puyallup area, the Washington State Fair and Washington State Spring Fair provides students with the opportunity for an annual and short-term job. There are several restrictions on minor labor such as age, break times...

Francis Taafe

September 25, 2014

Students sign to sports at collegiate level

Patrick Fairbanks, Reporter

March 26, 2013

Five seniors signed to advance from high school to collegiate level sports after signing to their respective colleges Feb. 6. Two varsity soccer players, Ashley Homer and Justine Ibarra, are graduating and will be playing soccer...

Catfight: I love cats

Patrick Fairbanks, Reporter

January 25, 2013

A plague has swept across this great nation. Not the usual diabolical, physical sickness that infects man, woman and child—something much worse: cat hatred. Cunning, curious, comical, caring and charming—cats provide...

Believers prepare

Patrick Fairbanks and Zach Halte

December 20, 2012

Fire and brimstone raining down upon Earth, a massive flood or alien invaders—however they believe it will happen, numerous people believe the world is coming to an end. As the supposed apocalypse nears, many have taken vastly...

American perception skewed abroad

Patirck Fairbanks, Reporter

November 21, 2012

How do other countries view the United States of America? “Big” was a word used by everyone interviewed, not only referring to the size of the country but the size of its people. “Growing up in Thailand, I always saw...