How students can get involved in politics

There are many ways to get involved in politics; one is by participating in the caucuses, a way to choose who should be the delegates to the party conventions.
The Vice Chair of the Legislative District Democratic Organization of Puyallup Karen Edwards explains how the caucus can help you be involved politically and in the community.
“The caucus is your chance to tell your neighbors why your candidate would be the best choice for president. If you choose to speak you can hone your public speaking and your persuasive abilities. You will get to meet your neighbors and build a sense of community. It is a great way to get involved with your community and with your local Democrats,” Edwards said.
Edwards clarifies what individuals should do if they are confused about the candidates and what they should do before the caucuses.
“Come prepared. Know why individuals support your candidate. If you are undecided, know what questions you would like to ask,” Edwards said.
Edwards then informs students why participating in the caucuses can be valuable.
“It is a great learning opportunity. You will get to see people with different points of view respectfully argue their point and hope to convince some voters. If you will be 18 by November, you too can participate,” Edwards said.
State Representative Hans Zeiger (R) shares how he first got involved in politics.
“I went to precinct caucuses with my dad just to observe during the 1996 and 2000 election cycles, before I could vote. That introduction to presidential politics at the local level is a major reason why politics got in my blood and why I love politics to this day. Go to your local caucus or another political event and you may just find that you want to keep coming back too,” Zeiger said.
Zeiger tells how students can get involved in politics outside of the the presidential election.
“Avoid thinking that presidential politics is your only opportunity to get involved in an election. In fact, there are elections closer to home—school board, city council, fire commission and legislature¬—in which one vote and one volunteer can make a lot of difference. Find ways to get involved in local campaigns, not just national campaigns,” Zeiger said.
Zeiger shares the importance of voting in any and all elections.
“It is important to exercise your civic responsibility and make your voice heard. There is a lot of cynicism about politics in our country these days but I am convinced that citizens can still make a difference and it is important to participate in every election,” Zeiger said.
Zeiger explains the importance of being involved in the caucuses and what that could mean for the future of the country.
“Human beings are fundamentally political. I believe it is in our nature to be involved in politics, it is why we believe in the consent of the governed, because all people are equal and have the equal right to give their consent before our leaders are elected. And life is a lot more exciting when we get involved in politics,” Zeiger said, this is such an important year for the future of our country. The parties may be realigning, the country is polarized and new generation is getting involved.”