Truth inspires

Peyton Whalen, Reporter

I used to profoundly believe in love.

I held that it was the sole root of everything consequential that the universe possessed.

Recently, however, through a great deal of thought (and a knock of transcendentalism upside the head), I have come to a diverse conclusion.

I believe in truth.

What is love without truth?

Love exists because truth does.

The derivative of genuine action and word is truth and it is our manifestation of these actions that lead us to love.

Truth is love.

So what happens when it seems as if truth fades away and love is distant?

When you feel as if there is nothing left?

It is in these doleful times that you must hold firm to the greatest truth: You are not alone.

Whatever you find yourself crying out to in the midst of darkness, pursue it.

When your mind is clouded with unexplainable emotion, it’s okay. Lows serve a purpose.

We’re on a never-ending search for truth.

Truth is beauty.

Find beauty and chase it.

Serve your purpose.

We live in complexity.

We desire simplicity.

We crave affection.

Yet, we deny ourselves.

In the words of Henry David Thoreau, “Most people live lives of quiet desperation.”

Don’t find yourself trapped in a circular lifestyle.

Be passionate.

Be adventurous.

We are programmed for this.

By doing so, the line between complexity and simplicity will blur and we will be left with a superb satisfaction in not only ourselves but our surroundings.

However, this happiness is only found when shared.

This can lead to a dilemma.

A feeling of isolation.

We are often told the words “you are not alone.”

Yet, there’s still an ache deep down that won’t go away.

An emptiness exaggerated by the night.

Don’t believe in this emotion.

You are more than an emotion.

You are a living, breathing specimen with a living, breathing meaning.

The beat of your heart is a testament.

The thoughts that unfurl within your head are a testament.

The words you speak, the actions you make, the love you express:

You personify an infinite meaning.

And you are not alone.