My Self Care

Madison Guynup, Advertising Manager

   Recently, I have found myself in an unhealthy and self-degrading time in my life, pushing me to partake in a little bit of self-care. 

        I’ve taken on a few new changes for a better and healthier lifestyle. For me, it started with taking a step back and looking at what I think I need to change to make myself happier and healthier.

        My immediate thought was about screen time. Like many others, I find myself addicted to my phone and spending too much time on social media apps like Instagram and Snapchat, vicariously living through my friend’s posts. When I’m on these apps I tend to compare myself to others along with their experiences.

         Part of my change is minimizing my time on social media to an hour and a half a day to help me focus more on what’s in front of me and experience life through my own eyes and not live through others documented memories because the memories are theirs to experience and mine to observe. 

        Even just using my phone camera I’ve learned there is a fine line between capturing the moment and excessively recording every detail to the point you weren’t even engaged in the experience as it was happening right in front of you. 

        My screen time limitations improved my social interactions and help me enjoy the memories I make as I’m making them rather than miss out on them and regret it later.

        Another change I made is my workout plan and better dietary choices.

        Since starting my new workout plan I’ve been less sluggish and felt more relaxed when I’m working. Working out during the day helps me get more sleep and it boosts my serotonin levels making me a bit happier than usual. 

        The things I now get done have doubled during my day because of this transition to a healthier me.

       My workouts are not only beneficial for my physical body but also to my mentality, it’s helping me work through things with a clear head and focused thoughts.

       My physical and dietary choices weren’t too big of a change for me but it’s little changes like these that have made such a great positive impact during this transition to a better me. 

        The hardest change I’ve made and continue to make every day is confronting my problems head-on and acknowledging the toxic people I surround myself with.

        With any problem in my life, I go straight to the source and try to work through it, the people in my life have a big impact on how I cope with certain problems. I know that if I let negative thoughts around me I won’t be successful in overcoming those problems.

        Personally, I absorb the energy of the people around me, I’ve decided that some people I have chosen to let in my life don’t have my best interests in mind but they still love me and that’s what makes distancing myself from them so hard.

        I can already feel that the negative energy I’m keeping myself away from is making me happier and more positive. I’m relieved that their negative thoughts won’t cloud my mind stopping me from making those changes to become happier. 

         Starting this journey to become the best version of myself has made me see clearly what is and isn’t good for me, not only mentally but physically too. I hope everyone acknowledges what isn’t good for them in their life and takes a step towards bettering it. These few changes I’ve made may be different for others but in the end, it is about knowing the changes you’ve made are in fact self-care and you’re transitioning to the best version of yourself.