Sophomore Joshua Franich is ready to hit the mats and aims to make State.
“If I practice hard enough, I think I can [make it to State] this year. I am excited and ready for my first year of high school wrestling,” Franich said.
Franich has talked to the other team captains and they are excited as well.
“The captains actually came up to me and basically asked if I was ready [for the season] and I told them I was,” said Franich.
Franich will be missing the first week, however, while he recovers from surgery for his hearing aid.
“I am 100 percent deaf and [the] implant inside of my head failed, so I had to replace it and get a new one in there,” Franich said.
Franich is going to be prepared for this season.
“I just cannot wait to compete this year,” Franich said