Zoolights Continues

Point Defiance’s Zoolights is a tradition that many families in Western Washington like to take part in. 

The Point Defiance Zoo is covered in over 700,000 lights, which are designed in many numerous designs and shapes. 

This year Point Defiance implemented a “Safe, Distanced, Healthy” protocol to help keep everyone protected during The Coronavirus pandemic. The process starts before visitors arrive at the park; to help with distancing, the only option for buying tickets is online. Zoo officials have also limited the amount of people being allowed to enter every hour. Previous years the Zoo has welcomed 5,000 people per night; now they are only accepting 1,120 guests per night. 

Additional safety measures include; one way walking paths, no touch entry, sanitizing stations, mandatory masks (children under five are not required to wear masks),outdoor areas only, and increased sanitizing of touchable surfaces. Zoolights is running until Jan. 3 and is open from 4:30 p.m. to 10 p.m. 

Link for buying tickets- https://www.pdza.org/event/zoolights/