Jayton Rausch, Staff


Art is her passion, she has exceptional drawing skill, Isabelle Mcanally lives in Puyallup Washington and she’s been drawing sense she was in third grade, her inspiration was the power puff girls, The cartoon T.V. show with the three little girls who were made in a lab and had super powers. The first thing you notice about them is their big eyes. She likes to draw digitally.

“It became electronically because it’s a lot easier.”

Her favorite drawing she’s ever done is of Shelley Duvall from the shining. The shining is a classic horror movie about a man who becomes a hotel caretaker and moves into the hotel with his family but the hotel has some dark secrets and there’s a crazed killer set on tormenting the man’s family.

“I like the one I did of Shelley Duvall, in The Shining, I like that one.”

She gets a lot of her inspiration from cartoons. From when she first started drawing in third grade she has come a long way and gotten much better. Her old drawings still look great though, she’s always had the ability to draw well.

Looking at the old work and new work side by side shows a lot of difference in detail, it’s noticeable in the new artwork that Isabelle over the years got better at drawing the small details that make a picture stand out. She really is a great artist and still has a lot of room to grow and get even better.