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The student news site of Puyallup High School

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The student news site of Puyallup High School

The Viking Vanguard

Changes Set to Come in New Year

Margo Hermann, Digital Media Editor // Published January 28, 2023
The beginning of every year brings an opportunity for change. Many people set their yearly goals in early January and these goals go on to define the outcome of their year. But for some people at Puyallup High School, change is a more complicated concept. 

New Year Rings in, Providing Outlet for Predictions

Addison Pyun, Staff // Published January 28, 2023
With each passing year, people aspire to better themselves and the environment around them. They also theorize what the new year will bring and it’s become almost a tradition to do so. It can be tailored to your own niche interests or foreseen about a global event. It’s unfurled throughout social media, spread through word of mouth, and broadcast to the masses, but we rarely see it within our own community: New Year’s predictions. 

Vikings Reminisce on Past Year

Riley Newell, Co-Editor in Chief // Published January 28, 2023
As the new year continues, the need and want for growth has become apparent, but it is hard to accomplish that without first reflecting on past experiences. 

Mock Trial offers experiences outside of the norm

Ethan Barker, A&E/Opinion Editor // Published December 16, 2022
Standing apart from the usual slate of clubs such as Chess Club or Drama Club, Mock Trial offered a unique experience
Puyallup Food Bank Provides Resources

Puyallup Food Bank Provides Resources

Andrea Melnik and Addison Pyun // Published November 21, 2022

On a busy Saturday morning, volunteers, clients and vehicles travelled into, around and through the warehouse on Stewart Avenue in Puyallup. Trucks stopped by an opening garage door on the left side...

A testimony from a Puyallup Food Bank client, pictured on the Food Banks back wall.

The Puyallup Food Bank

Andrea Melnik, News Editor // Published November 21, 2022

Read the story about the Puyallup Food Bank here:

Donating Blood Saves Lives, Carries Throughout Life

Katelyn Ervin, Co-Chief // Published November 16, 2022

One of the many ways Puyallup High School gives back to the community is through the blood drive. The blood drive is set up through Health Occupation Students of America, or HOSA.   Eunseo...

Community Service Carries Importance

Laci Doman, Features Editor // Published November 16, 2022

As the end of the year approaches volunteering is at a peak. Career Specialist Shelley Jellison talks about what she does and how to acquire community service, which is a graduation requirement.  “I...

Seniors look at life after high school, college

Riley Newell, Editor and Chief // Published October 17, 2022

As the class of 2023 embarks on their last year of high school, they are set on figuring out what comes next in their lives.  Senior Jenis Fehling is set on attending New York University next year...

AP classes provide challenge, growth

Grant Huson and Katelyn Ervin // Published October 17, 2022

About 1.2 million high school students take AP (Advanced Placement) exams each year. But what is the appeal these tests, and their subsequent classes, have for so many students?  A team effort.  Assistant...

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