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The student news site of Puyallup High School

The Viking Vanguard

The student news site of Puyallup High School

The Viking Vanguard

Past Year Illuminates Change, Reflection

Ezruh Hacker, Staff // Published January 28, 2023
Although self-reflection is a difficult task for many people, it is the first and possibly most important step of building a better world for yourself.  

Advanced Classes Present Opportunities

Katelyn Ervin, Co-Editor in Chief // Published January 28, 2023
I couldn’t expect myself to ace every test. I needed to try my hardest and make sure I was in the right headspace to take the test

Alumni Assembly Bringing Back Connections

Katelyn Ervin and Riley Newell // Published December 16, 2022
Every year, Puyallup High School hosts an Alumni Assembly to honor the former students from both 25 and 50 years ago. Though the assembly has been postponed for the past two years, this year it brings us together in a new way, a way in which connecting with these former Vikings feels refreshing, normal. 

Childhood Memory Presents Grownup Realization

Adriana Martinez, Staff // Published December 16, 2022
I knew that when he brought that idea up, I knew he would succeed. He is the best mechanic I know, and I knew he would do great things in the business world and being able to open his own business he could do it. With his humor and his hard work, plus his cliental bases, his shop will be awesome.  

Experience Provides Educational Opportunities

Laci Doman, Features Editor // Published December 15, 2022
The end of the second half is coming to an end.   The ball approaches me.  My head drops. 

Yadda Yadda Yadda: “Who Inspires You and Why?”

Addison Pyun, Staff // Published December 14, 2022
We asked students and teachers "Who inspires you and why?"

Kanye West and the Limits of Free Speech

Matthew Welcher, Staff // Published December 13, 2022
Is Kanye West entitled to his own opinions or does free speech have a limit?   This past October, West decided to go on Twitter, making antisemitic comments – a prosecutable crime in Germany, where Adidas, one of the brands that sponsors him, is based.  

Running Start Not Dependent on Time

Alayla Stout, Staff // Published October 17, 2022

  10:30 a.m. and my alarm is calling me to wake up. No, I’m not late for school. But If I don’t get up in time, I won’t have time to study my biology notes and get to my 2 p.m. class. Wednesdays...

Witches continue to cast powerful spell over viewers

Adriana Martinez , Staff // Published October 17, 2022

October is finally here. Anne Fletcher, the director of Hocus Pocus 2, kicks off the spooky season with a sequel to a seasonal classic. Overall, this movie is an entertaining take on the original from...

Reading really does push, challenge

Riley Newell, News Editor // Published April 28, 2022

My relationship with reading has not always been the best.   Whenever I could, I tried to avoid it, but with ‘TikTok’ reintroducing me to books with romance, mystery and drama, I haven’t been...

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