The Viking Vanguard Viktor Awards


Gabe Carroll and Sierra Tryon


In celebration of the awards season The Viking Vanguard staff chose to dedicate “Viktor Viking” awards to both local commodities and various pop culture icons. Each staff member voted on what was best for each category.

BestPark: Decoursey; 2100 Block 7th Ave SW

“Decoursey holds the perfect juxtaposition in time between childhood softball games at the baseball field, feeding the ducks in the summer, teen life adventuring in the woods and walking my dog. Decoursey rocks!” –Senior Rachel Shaffer


Best Coffee Shop: Central Perk; 109 W Pioneer

“The comfortable environment helps me relax. The prices aren’t too shabby, either. Their customer service is better than most, they make me feel welcome.” –Senior Sammy Magin


Best Statue: Strawberry Man, Outside the PioneerPark Pavilion

“Because of his location, he will often startle passersby with his lifelike smile and altruistic offering of his strawberries.” –Senior Jesse Giles


Best Venue: The Showbox Sodo/Market; 1700 Ave S Seattle/ 1426 1st Ave Seattle

“I think the Showbox is the best because it’s in Seattle and it’s fun and big bands play there. I saw Ed Sheeran there on October 16.” –Senior Danielle Edwards


Best Thrift Shop: ValueVillage; 1124 River Rd

“It’s quite simply put; ValueVillage is THE PLACE to find champion ‘come-ups’ and they have champion customer service.” –Sophomore Patrick Fairbanks


Best Seattle Based Band: Death Cab for Cutie

“Their music is phenomenal… [Ben Gibbard] has a very raw sound that makes the music real and relatable. You can feel what he’s singing.” –Junior Abby Dovre


Movie of the Year: Perks of Being a Wallflower

“The plot is deep and intense and the music is great. It’s a film showcasing the high school experience in a very non-Hollywood way— very real.” –Junior Emma Miller


Best Restaurant: Trackside Pizza; 201 N. Meridian

“I like Trackside Pizza because their fresh ingredients blend well and it’s super yummy.” –Senior Kari Dutcher


Favorite TV Show: How I Met Your Mother

“Each episode brings a different hilarious story, yet the recurring themes continue to warm or break your heart. Although it has some less than appropriate humor it’s a fantastic show that everyone will fall in love with.” –Senior Zach Halte