Drama department presents ‘Almost, Maine’


Gabrielle Jamora and McKenna Cardwell Characters “East” and “Glory” were performed by junior Nick Fraser and senior Lizzie Perkins.
Senior Scott Rhodes plays the character of “Jimmy”.
In this scene Jimmy, Sandrine and the waitress engage in awkward conversation as the waitress mistakenly assumes that the two are together on a date. Senior Scott Rhodes plays the character of “Jimmy”, Nico Roshau plays the character of “Sandrine” and Emma Miller plays the waitress.
Sandrine tells Jimmy that she is getting married.
Jimmy shows Sandrine his tattoo.
Steve talks to Marvalyn about his issues about not feeling pain.
Out of frustration and confusion, Jimmy takes a drink.
The first performance for the fall play 'Almost Maine' was  held Nov. 20. Performances are being held Nov.20-Nov.22 every night at 7:00 p.m. along with a matinee Saturday, Nov. 22 at 2:00 p.m.
Characters “Marvalyn” and “Steve” were performed by Shalya Jones and Caleb Tolbert. In this scene, the two meet for the first time after Marvalyn accidentally hits Steve with an ironing board.

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The two share an on-stage kiss.
Steve was surprised about being kissed.
Natalie White and junior Brandon Sujka play the roles of “Gayle” and “Lindall”. In this scene, the two argue about the amount of love they have offered each other in their relationship.
Gayle cheerfully looks at the ring Lindall gave her.
The two hug while Gayle continues to look at her ring.