Babadook weirdly fascinating

Ashley Wakeley, Staff

“Ba- Ba- Dook Dook Dook” words uttered so harshly that you can see the blanket breathing along, it being the only barrier between Mister Babadook and Amelia, a mother and one of the main characters in this thriller, “Babadook”, a movie perfect for an October night.

The movie starts off in a terrible accident that leaves the mother, Amelia, reeling and left in a depression. With her husband gone she is left to take care of her supposedly disobedient and wild son, who start to get threatened and attacked by Mister Babadook. Mister Babadook appears in a children’s novel, “Mister Babadook” that they read one night before going bed.

“Babadook” was brilliantly done. The Australian actors did extremely well, including the young actors, based on how they were able to convince you of their parts. As for the young boy who played Sam, he alone is able to creep out even the toughest of people. You will end up loving Sam during the movie for his impressive acts and projects mixed with his tendency to speak whatever comes to mind, which is amusing because of the awkwardness he creates with people. Also, the mother is still visually depressed from losing the boy’s father in the beginning of the film, adding to her character throughout the film. The way the film pulled a little bits from other films in its camera angles, story line and plot details were very impressive in their technique. The creators do not make you disappointed by the similarities because of unoriginality; it truly represents those parts well in the film and in my opinion used these better than some of the original films did.

I enjoyed how it incorporated the children’s novel in the story and how the book helps towards the rising action of the movie, the way they used the book was really unique and well done and played really well into the overall story. The fact that the creators only let you actually see what Babadook looks like twice in the entire film added to the suspense and thrill, mostly through a fear of the unknown. Once you see him, you are waiting to see him again, which was another really well done part of the movie that I think many people would appreciate. Moments where they showed him were tasteful and well placed, only when necessary.

However, I did not like how the creators of the film had his mother treat Sam when she was upset. I do not think it fit well with the story because she just ignored him and let him scream making other parts where she was angry seem displaced and it caused me to think that throughout the film she was not important to the story. I also was not impressed with the way the father was incorporated, I think he should have only been in the beginning of the film as back story and not made as much of a big deal as he was.

As a whole the film was beautifully put together, it is definitely something I would recommend to anyone looking for a good movie for October and definitely would watch over again and bring some friends along.