Troye Sivan evokes emotional rollarcoaster

Bailee Doman, Staff

I have been a fan of Troye Sivan’s music and YouTube videos since 2012. But then I gradually stopped watching as much YouTube videos over the years because of time and lost track of what was going on with his music. When his new CD came out I did not listen to it as soon as I should have.
Troye Sivan is South African born singer/songwriter who also is a YouTuber and an actor. He has been making music and videos since as early as 2006.
His album “Blue Neighborhood” is number 43 on Billboard’s Top 200 Albums. This album came out in December of last year.
Even though there are cons to this album the good definitely outweighs the bad. The “Blue Neighborhood” video trilogy tells a continuous story about a relationship he had from childhood to young adulthood. “WILD,” “FOOLS” and “TALK ME DOWN” together make me feel so many emotions. One moment I was really excited and the next moment I was almost in tears. His videos take you on an emotional rollercoaster. I was in awe at what the songs did; they left you raw and vulnerable. But somehow that was ok. My favorite song by far is “HEAVEN” featuring Betty Who. The song is one of his lesser-known known song but it should definitely be heard more often. The song is about coming out as gay to the world and battling all of the questions that come with it. The line “Without losing a piece of me, how do I get to heaven?” really struck a chord in me.
There are a few reasons some of the songs were not as good as others. The song “BITE” is very calming. I did not really have a preference on this song. It was not really good, however it was not bad either. Sivan’s voice is so calming. I could fall asleep to this song. “YOUTH” had a very interesting vibe. It was very easy to dance to. The song did not get stuck in my head and was just something I was listening to, I would not listen to again or say it was my favorite. “For Him” had good lyrics but I do not really like rap music all that much. Along with “For Him” I did not like “Happy Little Pill” that much either. It was a little too much techno and not enough singing. I would have much rather listened to the song if it was acoustic.
Overall I enjoyed most of the songs on this album. If I was able to go see Sivan in concert I would definitely go and see what his music sounds like live. I recommend listening to this album.