Game of Thrones Season 7 Review

Kate Lychik, A&E Writer

Dragons, wars and the undead marching to snuff the life from mankind: that one show that makes fans laugh and cry, rage and cry some more. The seventh season of Game of Thrones had one of the most widely anticipated premieres of 2017. The season has already wrapped up, the finale having been aired in late August. Now we are left to wait for the eighth and final season.

Game of Thrones has been notorious for keeping its watchers on the edge of their seats. This season has done no less. Watchers have been given another seven episodes of heart-pounding action and tense situations. Viewers are also kept hoping that their favorite characters don’t meet their untimely demise. This season catered to fans’ desires, showcasing some of the most anticipated reunions and satisfied viewers by confirming long standing theories at last.

This season offers stunning visuals in its landscapes and scenic locations and costumes are brilliantly designed. I have nothing but praise for the soundtrack: haunting when called for, capturing and enhancing the necessary moods perfectly.

Few things bothered me this season but naturally nothing is without flaw. I found the romance between two key characters to be forced, unnatural and altogether very rushed. Those who have watched the show may know who I am referring to but to keep this spoiler-free I will not name them. This was my biggest issue with the seventh season and I am displeased with the way the writers paired those characters. This was a very predictable outcome and not in the good way.

The seventh season was very well-received by many of its viewers and we are all excited for the next one to air, although it may be a few years until it does.I would eagerly recommend this show to anyone but it does contain explicit content and sensitive material. It is not for the faint of heart or those who mind crying at least once per season. However, if one does not mind these things, then it is a great show with brilliant acting, a complex plot and incredible action.