Review on The Justice League


Kate Lychik, Staff

Considering the way things have been going for the most of the DC universe films, I was relatively worried about the new Justice League movie. “Batman versus Superman” killed my anticipation for the rest of the movies, Wonder Woman renewed it and now Justice League has left it waning again.

The most recent in the string of movies based around our favorite heroes takes place in the aftermath of “Batman versus Superman” and follows Bruce Wayne, played by Ben Affleck, while he tries to recruit people to fight against an oncoming threat. Gal Gadot makes her appearance as Wonder Woman and acts as  Wayne’s ally through the film. Also appearing, Ezra Miller as the Flash, Jason Momoa as Aquaman and Ray Fisher as the Cyborg.

I suppose I will start with what I did like about the movie. It was relatively funny and made me laugh quite a few times. Miller’s character was endearing, humorous and pretty relatable, as he was portrayed as a rather “normal” kid. The actors were all talented and did fit their roles, I have no issues there. I will say that the concept was interesting, though the plot felt too similar to that of the Avengers movie.

Overall, the movie felt bland. There did not seem to be a climax, just rising action and straight to resolution. What was supposed to be the epic final battle came out as a rushed and pretty anticlimactic skirmish. It felt too easy. All that suspense and anticipation that got built up never got its rightful outlet. It left me pretty unsatisfied and wondering “that was it?”

The return of a certain character, to be kept unnamed in case of spoilers, seemed unnecessary. Perhaps it was necessary in context of the plot but it negated the importance of the ending to the Batman versus Superman movie. Not only that, it was much too convenient. A major villain appears and they do not know how to defeat him…until one simple solution is found and carried out. Voila, everything is fine now.

Alright, I did not hate this movie. It was mediocre in my opinion. There were good things, there were bad things, just like every movie. It is unfortunate that the DC universe has such lacking films, since I do like the characters and heroes in it. For all those fans of the superhero movies, you might be disappointed.  If you do go out and watch it, I will just warn you to keep your standards low. Who knows, maybe you will like it more than I did.