Married to Music


Married to Music is a series that takes the wedding tradition of something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue and gives it a musical flair.

Something Old:

As a Beatles junkie, I know that there are endless options of their songs to share. After much internal debate, I eventually came to “Strawberry Fields Forever,” John Lennon’s self-described “psychoanalysis set to music.”  The song is not actually about a literal strawberry field; Strawberry Fields was the name of a Salvation Army youth home near John Lennon’s childhood home where he spent much of his time growing up.

Lennon explores not only his nostalgia for his life before fame but his own feelings of not belonging. The track has a surreal sound, as it is a psychedelic masterpiece from the 60s. I recently visited the John Lennon memorial in Central Park in New York, named after Strawberry Fields. While staring at the black and white mosaic with “Imagine” in the center, I immediately felt the tune of “Strawberry Fields” wash over me. It is infectious, it is a masterpiece, it is John Lennon.

You can listen to “Strawberry Fields Forever,” by The Beatles here:

Something New:

California-based band The Neighbourhood, made famous by their hit “Sweater Weather,” released their self-titled third album March 9. The band is seemingly struggling to find themselves after the global success of “Sweater Weather” and their subsequent decline in popularity. They seem to reinvent themselves and their sound with every new project and this new album is no exception.

The best track off of “The Neighbourhood” in my opinion is the final track, “Stuck With Me.” This track really explores the band’s awareness of their decline in popularity, especially from lead singer Jesse Rutherford’s perspective. To me it explains their regrets for not taking opportunities to advance their careers earlier. The song is the perfect finish to an overall decent album, hopefully marking the beginning of the band’s confidence in what their sound is and who they are.

You can listen to “Stuck With Me,” by The Neighbourhood here:

Something Borrowed:

Another California based band, LANY, has been a favorite of mine for the last year and a half. In a Spotify Sessions recording, the band did a cover of Harry Styles’ “Sign of the Times.” LANY performs the song with an ethereal, stripped-down sound that is all their own, using synths and piano, in addition to a laid-back but exciting beat. Since hearing this cover live at their Seattle concert last November, I have been hooked.

You can listen to “Sign of the Times” by LANY here:

Something Blue:

Canadian R&B singer Daniel Caesar has found amazing success following his 2017 album Freudian and deservedly so. Caesar’s voice is smooth, relaxing and hauntingly beautiful. The sixth track on the album, “We Find Love,” encompasses all that makes Caesar so great. The song detailed a failed relationship and Caesar’s reckoning with his former love crashing around him.

He is calling out for help, saying “when we fall down, we give up,” acknowledging how his loss of love has left him feeling helpless. It is a beautiful reflection on his heartbreak and sorrow, piano and heavenly harmonies creating the atmospheric sound of the track.

You can listen to “We Find Love,” by Daniel Caesar here: