Rap Or Go To The League Review

Jayton Rausch, Staff

Rap Or Go To The League is 2 Chainz’s fifth studio album. 2 Chainz used to be one of the biggest rappers, doing features with Lil Wayne, Drake, Travis Scott and more great rappers.                                     

The first song, “Forgiven” (featuring Marsha Ambrosius), is an okay song only because it doesn’t fit in well with the other songs in the album. The song revolves around forgiving the bad things that happen in the world and praying for the good things that happen.

The best song on the album, “Money In The Way,” has one of the best beats for a rap song ever made. The trumpets and the bass along with 2 Chainz’s lyrics all bring this song together to make it great. The song is just about 2 Chainz’s success and his wealth.

Another great song is “2 dollar bill” (feat. Lil Wayne, E-40). Lil Wayne and 2 Chainz used to do a lot of features. E-40 is the founder of the rap group, The Click, having 27 studio albums to date. The song is all about how rare 2 Chainz is. In the song he says, “Like a two dollar bill, I’m rare.”

“I’m Not Crazy, Life Is” (featuring Chance the Rapper, Kodak Black) is the slowest song of the album. Chance the Rapper, who hasn’t been making music lately because he has a wife and a daughter, makes this song better because a lot of his music has the slow beat that 2 Chainz uses for this song. After listening to Kodak Black’s music and then listening to this song, it sounds weird for him to be on this sort of beat because most of his songs aren’t insightful. Overall, a decent song mostly because of Chance the Rapper most of the music he makes sounds very similar to this song.

The album was expected to sell 75,000 units it’s first week of release. This may very well be one of 2 Chainz best albums he’s made.