Savage Mode II

Jayton Rausch, Staff

Savage Mode II, a recently released album by 21 Savage and Metro Boomin was sort of a surprise to fans. It was released Oct. 3, only a few days after it was announced. 21 Savage took a different approach to this album, he made it more like a long story. Morgan Freeman narrates throughout the album and conveys the story that 21 Savage wanted to be told. I’ve never heard an album quite like this but I really like it.

Metro Boomin produced Savage Mode II. He came out of retirement for the second time to make this album with 21. Before he retired,  he used to be one of the best producers in rap music. He announced his retirement via Instagram  in 2018. This being the second occasion in which he has exited retirement, the first being NOT ALL HEROS WEAR CAPES.

The intro to the album is Morgan Freeman  starting to tell the story about great people thinking alike. Then the smooth transition into the second song “Runnin” changes the mood of the album from sort of calm and tranquil into a very upbeat song that reminds me a lot of 21 Savages older music, like the 2016 21 Savage. All of Metro Boomins’ albums have the best transitions between songs there’s no doubt in my mind.

A lot of the album sounds old school, especially my favorite song “Steppin On ******” The beat is sampled from the song “Everlasting Bass” released in 1988 by Rodney O and Joey Cooley.  The first few times I listened to it I didn’t realize until one day I hit shuffle on my playlist and “Everlasting Bass” played, that’s  when I realized where I’d heard the beat.

The album overall was great but not something I’d listen to on repeat all day. Probably an album I’d play to work out to or background music when I’m playing games or hanging out with friends. In my opinion Metro Boomin will always be the best rap music producer and 21 Savage will always have a place in rap after 2016 and 2017 when he dropped Savage Mode in 2016 and Issa Album in 2017.