BTS Album Review

Alison Ely, Web Assistant

        After BTS broke personal and streaming records in August with their single Dynamite, it was expected that they would bring an album following the achievement. 


Seven months after, BE was released on music platforms. It included eight tracks in total, with varying messages. It is represented as the most accurate expression through music in which the pandemic has affected them. Unlike all their previous albums, the songs were written by the members. The band’s aim was to give people comfort in listening during this time. They balance encouragement and reassurance with unfiltered moments. 


             Life Goes On is the first track of the album, as the lead single all eyes were on this track at midnight. It sent a message of having strength during difficult times in our lives. This theme is fitting for what’s going on in the world today. The music video’s nostalgic feel mixed with the song’s comforting lyrics make an impact on its viewers and listeners. The first part of the music video uses metaphors to reflect how the world has seemed to stop. The lyrics of Life Goes On compare this year to feeling like a long-lasting rain. The song featured member Jimin, his lead vocal bringing an uniquely ethereal tone to a stunning performance. This song fit his tone well, and it did for the other vocalists as well.  


         Fly To My Room follows after, and is one of the three more relatable songs. It talks about how it’s been since the coronavirus pandemic started. The lyrics mostly focused on the disappointment of their tour being postponed, which was supposed to occur during the summer. It explains how they feel time has stopped, as well as wanting everything to go back to normal. The band looks back at the memories they have made over the past couple of years and see how it makes them feel. This helps to bring a bit of positive light into the situation. The song itself has a more brighter sound and focuses on the members who have a higher range. It also includes two of the rappers, whose tones fit well with the music and make the song feel complete.   

          Blue and grey is composed and produced by member V, which is receiving a lot of positive reviews with its release.The song explores the themes of fear, depression, and pandemic-induced loneliness. The meaning can also lead to burnouts or anxiety.  As being the most emotionally raw song in the album, it connects well with people who have struggled with mental health this year. Blue and grey is also one of the most talked about tracks by their fans, as it was shared to his members earlier this year.  The vocals harmonize perfectly, featuring V’s soft falsetto at the end of the song. It includes breathy notes, along with an acoustic guitar at the beginning with soft cords. In the lyrics it talks about the colors reflecting on the emotions they felt, which showed the members wanting to be happier.    


      The album begins with a somber tone and then transitions a more upbeat sound towards the second half. Telepathy and Stay are one of the more cheerful, immensely hopeful songs. Telepathy explains the euphoria they’ll feel once they’re able to meet with their fans again. It also celebrates the relationship of ARMY, and how they are connected through love, or limerence. BTS depends a lot on their fans and wanted them to be given something that describes how they make the band feel. The simple words are intended to help people through uncertain days with care and sensitivity. It’s upbeat and shows a touch of disco with a walking bassline, synths, and electric production. Stay a multi-layered song that starts out feeling like a retro ’90s vibe.   


        Dis-ease, the old-school hip hop track has been praised as one of the album’s popular songs. Band member J-Hope was the one who chose the title since he composed and co-wrote the song. It refers to the discomfort and emptiness that BTS had felt when many of their concerts were cancelled due to the pandemic. They felt pressure to work, this led them to produce Dis-ease which references having to letting go of stress. It also shows them giving hope for the future. The song reflects conflicting emotions the boys went through in a catchy upbeat feel. The vocalists show off their range at the end of the song, especially on the bridge.   


       Dynamite blew up globally in August within the first 24 hours, showing the influence that BTS has put on the world. The song soared up the billboard chart, remaining at that spot for three weeks straight. It’s an upbeat disco-pop song with snapping handclaps and echoing synths, taking influence from 1970s music. During the time Dynamite was meant to give hope and a positive message burning quarante. It allows you to enjoy the little things in life that we took for granted. The popularity was widespread, partly because it was the band’s first single completely in English. This track was included in their album as they had been working on it for a while. 

          BE gives a hopeful message during these difficult times, showing vulnerability and beautiful vocal performances. The boy band takes up many different genres throughout the album and complement each style. Altogether it means a lot to ARMY with how personal the music they produced was, and showing how much of an influence BTS has been recently.