Holiday Movies Across Streaming Platforms

Michaela Ely, Webmaster

This holiday season, it’s a bit more difficult to find activities for the whole family to participate in as the new restrictions have shut down restaurants and other holiday experiences. 

However, a good, old fashioned movie night may be exactly what we all need. There are several holiday movies streaming on several platforms, including some originals.

Netflix is home to a few classics like How The Grinch Stole Christmas (the live action and the newer animated version) and White Christmas, though they are primarily known for their brilliant original holiday movies. White Christmas is a 1954 movie starring Bing Crosby, Rosemary Clooney and more. The premise is two war buddies that fall in love with two sisters and follow them to a resort that is owned by their former commanding officer. The resort is in danger of going out of business so the buddies and the two sisters have to plan a performance in order to save it. This movie was also the birthplace of the song that shares the name of this movie.


Operation Christmas Drop is an original Netflix film loosely based on the true story of an Air Force base’s project of bringing rural communities in Guam necessities and other goods. The plot is reminiscent of the classic Hallmark holiday films as it explores romance between an Air Force captain and a congressional aide as the aide tries to find ways to shut down the base.


Another Netflix original is The Princess Switch, a romantic comedy set around the holiday season starring Vanessa Hudgens as two eerily similar looking characters, a baker and a duchess. Because they look exactly alike, they decide to switch places because Margaret, the duchess, wants to experience the real world before she marries the prince of Belgravia. However, things go awry when Margaret falls in love with Stacey’s, the baker’s, best friend and Stacey falls in love with the prince. It’s a heartwarming story that is everything you would expect from a Netflix original. A sequel was also released this year.


Disney+ also houses both classics and original films. One such classic is Home Alone, released in 1990 and starring Macaulay Culkin. After being left at the house accidentally by his family before a holiday vacation, Keven McCallister must protect his house from con men who plan to rob the home. The film is hilarious and perfect for a family movie night.


Disney+ has released a couple holiday specials this winter, one being a Lego Star Wars special, and the other being a High School Musical: The Musical: The Series special. Both holiday specials do not isolate themselves to a specific holiday, allowing for some inclusivity. 

The Nightmare Before Christmas is one of those films that is often debated as to whether or not it is really a Christmas movie as it is also often seen as a Halloween movie. However, the premise is that Jack Skellington is attempting to bring Christmas under his control by kidnapping Santa Claus. Unfortunately he discovers that his plan is not as simple as it seems.


Hulu is also home to a classic holiday movie that is often debated, Die Hard. As it is a rated R action movie, it is often debated as to whether or not it should belong on a list like this. However, there is always a need for some variety and the movie’s main premise is that a group of Germans pretending to be terrorists interrupt a holiday party. Their goal is to break into a safe and steal $640 million worth of untraceable bearer bonds but they are thwarted by the main character, NYPD detective John McClane.


Happiest Season is a Hulu original movie starring Kristen Stewart, Mackenzie Davis, and several others. The premise is that a young woman named Abby (Kristen Stewart) plans to propose to her girlfriend, Harper (Mackenzie Davis) but learns that Harper has not come out to her family yet. The film handles the struggles of coming out very well and the ending is satisfying and heartwarming.


Even if you don’t have any streaming services and just have cable, TV stations often air specials like Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, Frosty the Snowman, or A Charlie Brown Christmas. Overall, these films are just a beginning to the amount of available holiday movies that you can enjoy with your family with a cup of coffee or hot cocoa.