The Viking Vanguard

Texting and Driving

Samantha Casas, Staff

June 2, 2015

Texting and driving has become a problem among drivers. According to NBC News, about 60 percent of teens text while driving and more than 3,000 teens die each year in car crashes caused by texting and driving. Sophomore...

Unique hikes present opportunity for traveling

Samantha Casas, Staff

May 31, 2015

Unique hikes in Washington State are a favorite for many students of Puyallup High School. A shorter and less complex hike to try is Rattlesnake Ledge. “A unique hike I have been on is Rattlesnake Ledge because the views are...

Baseball team plays in national tournament

Samantha Casas, reporter

April 28, 2015

The boys baseball team was invited to a national tournament that consisted of the top 16 teams in the nation March 23-29. The baseball team played four games in the tournament ending with a 3-1 record overall taking fourth place...