The Viking Vanguard

Senior approaches open trails

Savannah Jarrett, Graphics Editor

December 2, 2014

“Ready to run?!” I fumbled with the door of the Astro van. It slid shut on the third try, slamming with a sense of finality, shaking the whole vehicle and the jar of butterflies where my stomach used to be. “No, not...

Russ Joins Staff

Savannah Jarrett, Graphics Editor

September 25, 2014

Q: Can you share your past experience as a teacher in the district, anything important you would want students to know about you? A: I have been teaching in the district as a paid teacher for six years but I worked as a volunteer...

Humans of Puyallup

Savannah Jarrett, Graphics Editor

March 19, 2014

"Tell me something know one else knows about." "That's a hard one. I'm an open book to everyone." Chad Squires  ...