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Puyallup School Board Elections

December 2, 2019

 When the new school board is elected Nov.5, current president Chris Ihrig will serve out his last term.  Ihrig had three children in the district. He was a father doing the best...

Sorry Taylor, We Can’t Calm Down

October 31, 2019

Unless you have been living under a rock all summer, you must have heard about the release of Taylor Swift’s groundbreaking album “Lover.”   After two long years, our favorite country-turned-pop...

Area 51 Raid

October 31, 2019


UK makes plans to vote on Brexit

October 31, 2019

Over 30 million people in the United Kingdom voted June 23, 2016 on whether the country should leave the European Union; the motion to leave the EU won by four percent. Many U.K. citizens are worried about...

Dancing with the Stars Review

October 31, 2019

Ever since I was 10-years-old, my mom and I have been watching Dancing with the Stars every Monday night. And finally, after a 10-month hiatus, Dancing with the Stars is back and in full swing. I went...

Pierce County Stormwater Pond

October 31, 2019

Pierce County started construction on a new stormwater pond in April and it’s scheduled to be finished next month.  The pond is intended to remove pollutants from stormwater runoff before it...

Gender Neutral Barbies

October 31, 2019

The toy company Mattel released a new line of dolls Sept. 25 aimed at making all children feel represented during play time. For 18 months the toy company Mattel has been working on a new doll for all...

Washington’s Voting Systems Updated

October 31, 2019

Washington’s old voting machines, which dated to 2006, just got replaced with new systems at the end of July because the technology was prone to hacking caused by its old age.  James Marshall,...

What you need to know about the impeachment inquiry

October 31, 2019

“No one is above the law,” stated Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House, Sept. 24.  It was on this day the House of Representatives publicly announced an impeachment inquiry would begin into the...

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