The Viking Vanguard

Richardson Makes Her Voice Heard

Kyla Stout, Staff

September 23, 2019

It is known that in order to become extremely skilled in an area, preparation is needed. Years and years are sometimes required in order to make a statewide mark in most categories of skill. But in the case of Makaylah Richardson’s...

College debt avoidance tips

Keionna Newton, Freelancer

June 8, 2016

Debt can be a common concern for high school graduates about to embark upon their journeys into college; figuring out the ways and means to pay for such an expensive education is often tiresome. Math in Society and Algebra ...

Bailey Walker’s Far Out Experience

Bailee Doman, MultiMedia Editor

June 8, 2016

Bailey Walker is a senior with some travel plans coming up in the next couple months. Walker is taking a trip to England in partnership with the Far Academy, a skate organization that teaches kids how to make and ride a skateboard. A...

Seniors reflect on music career

Bailee Doman, Multimedia Editor

June 8, 2016

PHS has five bands, four choirs and one orchestra. Shear statistics alone hold that many students could then be impacted by the music programs and some even continue this into college One such student is senior Amy Krantz...