Review on the Blade Runner

Review on the Blade Runner

The future. A thought that may cross our minds more than once— what will it be like? Well, “Blade Runner 2049” presents one possible vision of that future. Of course it is purely fictional and made to amuse its viewers. “Blade Runner 2049” did its job and provided ample entertainment in its nearly three hours of run time.

The film follows Officer K, played by Ryan Gosling, as he traverses through a strange dystopian world on a journey to discover the truth. As cheesy as that sounds, that is the core plot the film follows. There are of course antagonists that try to interfere, too.

The ending of the film was not what I was expecting to say the least. Also, the iconic Harrison Ford made an appearance in this movie (playing as Rick Deckard). I did instinctively think of him as “Han Solo” however, even in this completely different setting.

I did enjoy the film; it was interesting and different from the things I usually watch. I liked the world that was built— the interesting take on what a future would look like. Huge holographic figures as advertisements, bright neon lights everywhere in contrast to the otherwise dim and monotone landscape outside of the main city.

I also very much enjoyed the cinematography. The movie was incredibly well-shot and had some stunning images. I also have to mention that Harrison Ford was a magnificent addition to the film and raises its rating in my eyes, despite the relatively small role he played. What can I say, the guy is a legend.

Now to the not-so-great aspects of the movie. The progression of the story is the biggest issue in my opinion. It was just too slow. Slow-burn as they say but maybe too much. It seemed to me that the first half or so was all introduction.

Sure, the premise was interesting— the revelation pretty cool but the journey… It just seemed that it was all rising action (albeit very slowly rising) with no real climax. We see the reveal of the “truth” mentioned earlier and then what? The best way to describe this is a noncommittal shrug.

I did not dislike the movie. I am rather neutral about it in all honesty. I suppose if someone asked me whether they should watch it I would not say no. I would not bring it up myself though. If you like dark-ish, future-based movies then go ahead and watch it.