Why You Should Start Listening to Podcast in 2019

I am the type of person that always needs to be doing something. I am constantly multitasking. I do laundry while watching TV, listen to audio books while getting ready for school and watch YouTube videos while I’m eating. I don’t really feel productive unless I’m doing more than one thing at a time.

Last year I found a form of media that I can consume while doing almost anything: podcasts. Over the past year, I have fallen in love with podcasts. I can listen to them while I’m driving, cleaning, getting ready or even just walking between classes. The best thing about podcasts is that there are so many out there, covering a surprising variety of topics.

My favorite types of podcasts are news, comedy and storytelling. Listening to a news podcast in the morning is an easy way to keep up on current events. I like “Up First,” “NPR Politics,” “CNN 10” and “The Philip DeFranco Show.” Each episode of one of these podcasts is generally around ten minutes long and comes out either daily or weekly making them the perfect way to quickly catch up on the latest stories.

I like to listen to more lighthearted podcasts as well. “Anna Faris is Unqualified,” “Delete This,” “Ear Biscuits” and “Dear Hank and John” are all examples of a comedic discussion podcasts. They usually involve one or two hosts talking and cracking jokes, sometimes with a special guest. A lot of them will take listener questions which really helps make these podcasts feel like a fun conversation between friends.

I also love storytelling podcasts like “This American Life,” “The Moth,” “Heavyweight” and “Radiolab.” These podcasts either take the time to research a topic and event, then share it with others or allow real people to tell the happy, funny, sad and touching stories of their lives. These are some of my favorite podcasts because they almost seem entirely new every week, as new people tell their stories.

These are all just some of the podcasts I love. I love “Planet Money” and “The Indicator” which revolve around economics and making it fun and easy to understand, I love “Reply All” and “Every Little Thing” which try to help everyday people solve their mundane, odd and crazy everyday problems. I also love “99% Invisible” and “The Anthropocene Reviewed” which both take a deep look into the often overlooked things in the world around us.

What I love most about podcast though, is that there’s something out there for everyone. There are murder-mystery podcasts, both factual and fictitious. There are sports podcasts, podcasts about space and podcasts that review TV or movies or music. A lot of celebrities these days have their own podcasts as well, just pick your favorite actor, artist or YouTuber. Even if my recommendations don’t spark anything in you I still hope you will take the dive into the wonderful world of podcasting and find the podcast that feels like it was made just for you, I promise it’s out there.