Season Two of Netflix’s The Dragon Prince Review

Netflix recently released the long-awaited season two of The Dragon Prince after a successful first season.

Season one left off with the dragon prince’s egg, which was originally believed to be destroyed, hatching in an eye of a storm. We also left off knowing that danger will soon follow our group of heroes into the next season.

When season two came out I was so excited; I just jumped into it watching it — and the show did not disappoint. The whole time I watched it, I was drawn to the characters and storyline itself and never wanted to stop for a second.

Season two of The Dragon Prince exceeded my expectations on what I thought it would be like after watching the first season.

Originally I thought that they would just go to the kingdom of Xadia and have some fights and misunderstandings between the dragons and our characters.

Instead we go to see our characters find the path that they have been looking for scene season one. We also got to met new character who will probably end up playing a more important part then we may think at first.

There was also betrayal and love and every scene I wanted to see, hear, feel more with the characters then what they gave me, it keep me wanting more it keep me entertained.

This story was everything I wanted it to be for a second season of the show, it had me hooked from the beginning.

The overall theme of the story is to follow the path that you choose and it weaved into the storyline very well, creating a better story overall.

The graphics were the same as the first season and fit in the fantasy section that I love with each character getting their own feel for who they are as a person.

The best and the worst part was there was another cliffhanger at the end of the season. The cliffhanger in the sense that we want to know more but there is no more for us to watch until there is another season. The good part was less for me and more of for Netflix. They have definitely got me hooked on the show and will be coming back to see another season.

I strongly recommend this show for anyone who likes fantasy and adventure and are willing to explore a world were not everything is what it seems.