Us Movie Review

After seeing Jordan Peele’s directorial debut film Get Out, I knew he was different; the movie incorporates political satire, horror and humor into a film that was raved about by critics and fans alike.

His new film US takes a sharp turn down the alley of horror and suspense. The movie follows the Wilsons, a seemingly normal family consisting of couple Adelaide and Gabe and their children, Jason and Zora. It’s quickly learned Adelaide has hid a nightmare from her childhood that has come back for her and her family on a trip to Santa Cruz. The family soon comes face-to-face with a family intent on killing them, their doppelgängers.

From the beginning to end I was locked into the story, mesmerized by the detailed characters, all facing their own challenges within the conflict at hand.

Peele’s directing and writing solidifies his spot as a top filmmaker of the century, and possibly ever, with his ability to develop characters, show an abundance of allusions and give extensive detail that leaves you on the edge of your seat until the credits roll.

The film itself utilizes suspense and psychological fear, taking cues from predecessors such as The Shining, while still being its own original idea. One of the highlights of the film was how convincing the actors were playing themselves and their doppelgängers at the same time, portraying characters that are mesmerizing and haunting simultaneously.

The best person on screen by far was Jason (played by Evan Alex), the son of the Wilson family and Pluto in the “Tethered” family. His depiction of a curious child and his ability to also play animalistic creature is a feat in itself but is heightened knowing how young and new to acting he is.

The movie has stuck with me since seeing it. The scenes seem to appear every time I go to sleep. It’s equally thought-provoking and terrifying and the way Peele rides that fine line of the two shows his intricate skills as a director and writer. Knowing all this, I can’t wait to see what the next nightmare he creates will be.

Grade: A

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