It’s Beginning to Sound a Lot Like Christmas


As the holidays rapidly approach, you either find yourself being the person who is just ready to miss two weeks of school and casually get into the Christmas mood or the person who basically embodies an elf. 

Regardless of which person you are, these Christmas songs are guaranteed to get you into the holiday spirit, some more than others.

The first song on this list is All I Want for Christmas Is You by Mariah Carey. If this song doesn’t get someone into the holiday spirit, I don’t know what will. It’s upbeat, catchy and let’s not forget that Mariah Carey’s talent alone could carry this song, even if the song itself was bad.

The next song is Last Christmas by Wham!, which may be a bit of a downer, but the song really makes you think about the romance that swirls around the holidays. Fall and winter often come with a feeling of wanting to be close to someone, whether that’s romantic or not. Regardless, the song has great vocals and are easily recognizable by the instrumentals.

I couldn’t make this list without including Christmas Canon by Trans-Siberian Orchestra. Trans-Siberian Orchestra has some of the best versions of Christmas songs, however Christmas Canon is my favorite song from them. The harmonies and the orchestra really bring this song together into something that I can’t help but love.

This next song is for those who just can’t wait for Christmas and want nothing more than for it to be here. Where Are You Christmas? by Faith Hill from the soundtrack of How the Grinch Stole Christmas is a classic and one of my all time favorite Christmas songs. Faith Hill has amazing vocals and brings just enough emotion to the song to make it just the tiniest bit bittersweet. 

Grown-Up Christmas List by Pentatonix featuring Kelly Clarkson is off of their Christmas album from 2018, Christmas is Here. Pentatonix does a great job with their backup vocals by creating harmonies that still let Clarkson’s melody shine. One thing that Pentatonix is well known for is their Christmas albums and they’re perfect for getting one into the holiday mood. The song itself has bittersweet lyrics, ones that may remind you of your childhood Christmases and ones that will make you realize that Christmas isn’t about the material things. 

It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas by Michael Buble is a classic Christmas song that I remember singing in choir a couple of times. Buble has a smooth voice that fits the song extremely well. The thing I love most about this song is the vivid imagery it paints about the holiday season. 

Underneath the Tree by Kelly Clarkson is the perfect upbeat Christmas song. It’s another song that captures the romance around the holiday season. However, unlike Last Christmas, it is much less melancholy and has a more upbeat tempo. The small instrumental section towards the end adds a jazzy spin to the song that is otherwise unexpected. 

The next song is another Pentatonix version of a Christmas classic, Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas. Something that Pentatonix has always done well is putting their own spin on songs and this song is no exception. The beatboxing gives the song a much more upbeat and fast tempo as compared to the original. 

White Christmas by Bing Crosby is a classic song that makes us all wish for snow at Christmastime. It gives a very nostalgic feeling to those who listen to it and is a great song for people in any generation. 

Baby, It’s Cold Outside by Frank Sinatra is definitely not my favorite Christmas song. The lyrics are definitely a product of the time that the song was released, however the tune is catchy and I still can’t help but sing it. The song was banned on some radio stations in 2018 because the lyrics of the song were seen as sexist and wrong because the female singer keeps trying to leave her date and go home but her date won’t listen to her. However, it caused many listeners to be upset because although the lyrics are questionable, not many interpreted them that way.

Another song about snow! Let it Snow by John Legend is one of my favorite versions of the song. This version is much slower which brings a cozy feeling to it, especially with the piano in the background. This song does a great job of showcasing Legend’s vocals and his style of singing.

Jingle Bell Rock by Bobby Helms is one of my favorite Christmas songs to awkwardly dance to while embarrassing my sister and myself by singing it loudly and mildly out of tune. It has a great beat and fun lyrics that make me want to go find some jingle bells. 

Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree by Brenda Lee is one of those Christmas songs that regardless of how irritating it may be, you’ll still sing along and dance. It’s forever a Christmas classic and one of my favorite songs to annoy people with when I start getting in the holiday mood a bit early. Who am I kidding, I started listening to Christmas music in July. Christmas in July is most definitely a thing!

Believe by Josh Groban is from my all time favorite Christmas movies, The Polar Express. The mild vocals combined with the soft instrumentals, which are accompanied by jingle bells, makes it an amazing song with a great message. It encourages you to believe in what you feel is right and speaks about another important part of Christmas, which is that believing in Christmas isn’t just something for kids.

Christmas is many people’s favorite holiday, and for good reason. The holiday spirit and spreading joy is one of my favorite parts about this season. It turns a bleak and cold season into something comforting and happy. The music may be just one small part of that but sometimes good Christmas music can transform someone from the Grinch to Buddy the Elf.