New Disney+ Original Impresses

    Clouds has been on Disney+ for a while now, getting a lot of great reviews and attention. The inspirational story was a bit more on the somber side but was actually based on true events. The movie is about teenage singer-songwriter Zach Sobiech, who died at age 18 of cancer, after scoring the viral hit that gives the film its title.


  The actor Fin Argus played Zach well and nailed the emotion in the movie. It begins four years after he got diagnosed with cancer, after going through plenty of rounds of chemotherapy. Zach appeared on screen as a surprisingly positive person with a sense of humor. But there were also times he showed more emotion, even when he wanted to remain strong for his family. He was almost out of high school as a senior. It introduces his best friend Sammy who shares an interest in writing music. Even though he hoped to have more of a future, things turn for the worse. The cancer reached his lungs and doctors were doubtful that Zach would be surviving past high school. 


       The film spins into his last months of his life, showing his struggles through high school and with his family during the time. One person in the movie was extremely important to him as they both grow closer. Zach introduces us to Amy, one of his classmates he has a crush on. Despite his diagnosis it didn’t matter to Amy because she felt the same way. Their relationship is an interesting one showing vulnerability and a sense of wholeness. During this time he and Sammy sign a songwriting contract with BMI. Afterwards Clouds became a sensation, getting radio airplay as well as topping the iTunes charts. 


       It also follows his family during these achievements and how they are affected. His three siblings aren’t focused on as much as his parents. They all have heartwarming moments in the given situation, for instance when his song was played on the radio for the first time. It showed an unfiltered moment in our eyes, or what might feel like through the screen. His parents are supportive and empathetic towards him. Conflicts do rise between his mother and father given Zach’s diagnosis.  Although as a whole they close and they love each other, which makes the loss of Zach even more difficult. 



          The movie brings the viewer through the truth of these situations. It reminds people of the hope that exists in life despite all the darkness and sadness. Music helped in his last few months and was an outlet for Zach to express himself. This can be said about his song Clouds, which his message was about the beauty he’s leaving behind in this world. In conclusion the movie has a powerful message, and tells an exceptional story of Zach Sobiech.