Drama, Choir Prepare ‘Grease’


Credit: Jaycee House

Choir Director George Guenther warms up some of the cast of “Grease the Music” in a rehearsal.

Mark your calendar, “Grease the Musical” is coming Nov. 14, 15, 16, 22, and 23.

As of now, tickets are going to be anywhere between $9-$11.

This nifty “original high school musical” production describes the life of a crazy group of crazy high school students in the ’50s just trying to make it through school, fit in, have fun and fall in love.

You have all seen “Grease” the Movie, but you have never seen “Grease” like this.

Director P.J. Sirl, and two of the leads, Seniors Tanner Chambers and Renee Tapia, all agree that the cast this year is wonderful.

Tapia will be playing the role of Sandy and is in love with this year’s cast.

“Everybody talks to everybody there, so I think we will be able to bond really well- and it’s a huge cast… we are going to be one unit,” Tapia said.

Chambers, who will be playing the role of Danny, is really excited to see the play and the actors evolve.

“Obviously I am looking forward to the actual shows but seeing the progress really is the best part,” Chambers said.

In addition to that, Sirl pointed out that although the movie “Grease” is a classic, there are a few key differences that set the musical apart from the film.

“I am looking forward to producing this play closer to the way it was intended, not the movie. The movie was written after the play, so [it is] not what the audience will necessarily expect,” Sirl said.

Not only that, but the film production has added material that is not in the original musical.

“There is music in the movie that is not in the play… ‘We Go Together,’ the last song, and ‘Grease,’ the first song. Those are both added things. If you listen to them, they do not have a ’50s feel or style,” Sirl said.

The drama department puts on a musical every other year. Grease will be following 2011’s performance, “Seussical” which Sirl thinks this musical will get more attention than the productions they have done in past years.

“It is a bigger name, so I am assuming we will be getting bigger audiences. People know [‘Grease’] but a lot of people do not know ‘Seussical.’ Just about everybody knows ‘Grease.’ Or they think they know ‘Grease,’” Sirl said.

Tapia agrees that “Grease” could be a great source of publicity for the drama department.

“I think ‘Grease’ is way more popular than other shows we have been doing, so I am looking forward to more people showing up… I want more people to be aware of the drama department,” Tapia said.