Concussion Review

Jen Sethe, Staff

The movie “Concussion” depicted a transformation between science and football as scientists try to push the NFL to admit how football can really affect both mental and physical states of the players.

The story follows a doctor that moved to America from Africa and began a career as a mortician. He has an interesting way of going about his job that somewhat annoys his fellow colleagues but it is this difference about him that helps him to discover something that will forever change football.

Will Smith, who plays the main character Dr. Bennet Omalu, gives a phenomenal performance as his character pushes to open America’s eyes to the truth about the sport of football and the health risks of its participants. There was no horrible acting that stood out and every character gave the story the emotion it needed to move the audience. The NFL stands for America’s wants and tendencies when it comes to discovering truth which leads to huge changes and executed it wonderfully.

Alec Baldwin plays a doctor who works for the NFL. His character, Dr. Julian Bailes, helps Omalu reveal the health risks for football players and shows great courage by turning against his friends and colleagues for the greater good. He risks it all for this cause and in the end helps make a great change for all football players.

This was a movie idea that could have gone horribly wrong but it did just the opposite. A movie about the sport of football and its risks does not seem like it would appeal to a majority crowd but the morally artistic way the movie was executed can entertain the masses. Even a person who does not like football could thoroughly enjoy this cinematic masterpiece.

Admittedly the timeline was a little hard to follow and there was multiple time jumps that were not announced. For example, scenes that you would think are a couple days apart are actually months apart and this threw me off a bit.

Overall this was a movie I definitely watch again and maybe even own on DVD. The message that is conveyed is cold hard truth. Even if the whole world fights against you it is always better to do the right thing.

As a true story I can really see how the main character changed football for the better. Being a high school student in America and being surrounded by sports and fans you never really see the grey area that this movie sheds light on. It shows a different side to football that the fans and even people involved in the sport never see.