Art of Puyallup

Jackson White , Staff

The PHS art department has many hidden talents.

There are various students many of which have been pursuing an art dream since they were young.

Nancy Perrin talks about how art started for her.

“My interest in art probably started at the age of four when I just stared drawing with crayons, my parents really encouraged it from there,” Perrin said.

Art is a skill and can only be mastered by practice. The young artists of PHS have all take different paths to achieve the art work they would like to present.

“Definitely looked at other people’s art work to receive inspiration. Also painting outdoors is a really good way because then you can look at the real world and how it realty appears,” Perrin said.

Senior Tiason Eason talks about how art is part of his everyday life.

“I spend a lot of my free time just doodling and free drawing. Just practicing different styles and experimenting with different forms,” Eason said.

Great inspiration can be found right here in the community.

“Drawing is a class with plenty to learn from. It has given me a place to practice something I really enjoy,” Eason said.

Being passionate about art is something some students will continue with through their life. They even hope to pursue a career in art.

To these students, art is more than just a doodle or a creative way to fill free time. Art has meaning to most artist and they take pride in it, Eason said.

“I got attention for all the art work I was doing,” Perrin said.

Art is a way for students to put themselves out there and get noticed. With plenty of scholarships available, art can help students fund their future schooling. It does not stop when they leave school. It is more than just the class to them and many students participate in out of school art programs that have taught them many things.

“I definitely hope art is in my future. I find it more of a hobby now but would love to continue on with it in the future. Art holds so many future possibilities,” Eason said.

Eason is not the only student with high hopes of art in their future.

“Harold is one of the most [friendly] and prolific artist in our community. Ever since his younger 20’s he has been making enough money to support himself and his family,” Perrin said.

These students’ futures may seem bright but what is next for these artist.

“I just want to continue improving my skills as an artist. I have no doubt that art will still be a constant as time goes on,” Eason said.