Viking Varieties

Jen Sethe , Staff

Viking Varieties was held April 20 and had several Vikings perform their talents.

Sophomore Dustin Freeman won first place and sheds light on his winning talent of the year.

“I did a magic trick called the Vegas flop. I have 10 cards and my volunteer has 10 cards and I make three cards disappear and they end up in whatever stack my volunteer has, who was Caleb Graham. I perform that trick a lot. I did not expect to win but I did not expect to do badly either,” Freeman said.

Freeman elaborates on his hobby and chosen career path.

“I do magic a lot and I strive to be a magician in Vegas when I am older. [I have never won anything like the Viking Varieties], this was my first time. It felt pretty good [to win]. It was a shock because there were a lot of other really good acts who were performing. I will try [to perform next year] and I will perform a different trick because it would be boring if it was the same,” Freeman said.