Review on Mario Odyssey


A small snapshot of a cool costume option and part of a map available in game.

Kate Lychik, Staff

Mario Odyssey, a grand slam for the Nintendo franchise, made its debut Oct. 27 and it has exploded in popularity since then. Odyssey is similar to other games in the series, yet an entirely new experience. I suppose I will have to join in with the crowd and throw in my praise as well.

As with most games, there is a plotline. This one follows the usual Mario story: the princess is taken by the evil enemy and the hero goes on an adventure to save her. With this game the plot seems near insignificant and not in the bad way.

There is simply so much to do aside from the main storyline, which is actually pretty interesting this time around with the inclusion of hat people and an actual human city (strange for a mario game).

I will be honest. I am not sure if I will be able to find anything that I do not like about this game. From the extensive amount of kingdoms to explore, to the numerous “moons” that are hidden everywhere and I do mean everywhere, to the fun costume options to replace Mario’s usual overalls …this game is truly incredible. The kingdoms, or the different “worlds” you visit all look stunning and are very well designed.

To add to my praise of map design, the moons [an item players must collect] hidden throughout the stages are so satisfying to find. Players must explore every inch of every stage if they want to find them all and even then there are still going to be some that are not found. There are so many ways to find them: sometimes clever riddles are offered, sometimes just obscure and suspicious nooks, sometimes just placed in plain sight.

Most people should be familiar with Mario’s appearance: the customary overalls and the red hat. Well, Oddyssey gives players a chance to spice up his wardrobe. Players can dress him up in a classy suit and fedora, or go wild and mix and match with swim trunks and a pirate’s hat. I guess I have to add that Bowser, the usual Mario series villain, looks great with his white tux and snazzy combed hair.

There is a new feature introduced in this game: the ability to “capture” practically anything. Mario can throw his hat at, let’s say a fireball or a frog. Now the player can control that fireball or the frog and new capabilities are gained. Frogs can jump super high, and they are the first thing the player learns to capture. I found it amusing to capture a sleeping t-rex and go on a rampage.

If I absolutely must complain about something, then I suppose that would be the minor henchmen that carry out Bowser’s orders. It is just that they look so…ridiculous. I mean, the Mario franchise usually includes silly-looking sub-villains. This time though they really are over the top.

I, along with my household of nerdy brothers, have been stoked for this game since plans for its development had been revealed. It has not been disappointing in the slightest and the four of us grapple with each other for a turn to play the Switch. So, for the longtime fans of the series, I wholeheartedly recommend this game to you. If you are new to the series then Mario Odyssey is the perfect place to start.