Review on Dear Hunter’s Album


Kate Lychik, Staff

The Dear Hunter, a progressive-rock band has recently released a new album. Titled “All Is As All Should Be,” the album features six new songs. I will admit that I have not listened to all of their music but from what I have heard,this band is a favorite of mine.

The band originated in Rhode Island and their first album made its debut back in 2006. Many of their albums so far have all been “concept albums”, each one part of an overarching storyline. Their latest album, however, is a stand-alone.

I listen to a variety of music— classical, rock, folk, instrumental— I am willing to listen to anything really. I am quite picky about what I like though, just as with this album. I listened to it in its entirety and there were songs that I loved and some others that did not impress me as much.

I do have a top three from the six available songs. The best one, in my opinion, is titled “The Right Wrong.” Meaningful lyrics are a big part of whether I like a song or not— and this case I thought them to be.

The song is all about making mistakes, dwelling on them and wishing we had the ability to go back and fix them yet coming to terms with the fact that we cannot. Along with the great message, I very much enjoyed the interesting arrangement and the musical techniques they used.

The other two that made my top three are called “Witness Me” and “Beyond the Pale” respectively. Both also include amazing musical compositions featuring very interesting, unique chord progressions as well as good lyrics.

While “The Right Wrong” has been stuck in my head since I first listened to it, there were a few that I do not remember that well. I am sure they were not bad but simply were not impressive enough to captivate my attention and find their way into my permanent “good songs” playlist.

Given the opportunity, I would always recommend any of the lesser known bands that I like. So, in this case I would also gladly tell people to give The Dear Hunter and their new album in particular a chance.