Everyday Movie Review

Gracie Little, Staff

The movie Every Day was directed by Michael Sucsy and released Feb. 23, 2018. It tells the story of A, a genderless entity that occupies the bodies of teenagers.

Overall, I enjoyed the movie. It was an easy watch and the plot was simple but I was disappointed in some aspects because it was so predictable.

Over the course of 41 days, A lives in 41 different people, experiencing their lives and what they all go through. At one point in the movie, Jacob Batalon’s character, James, said, “I know what makes each person different, and what makes everyone the same.”

A falls in love with a girl named Rhiannon after inhabiting her boyfriend Justin, who is rude to her and takes advantage of her on a daily. A takes her out to the beach as Justin but she thinks it’s really him; when he forgets most of the events from the day before, she is heartbroken. A continues to find her as different people and when he realizes she’s hurt, he tells her about how he changes every day.

Batalon, as seen in Spider-Man Homecoming, is my favorite due to his emotional connection to the character of A. Down to the spark in his eyes when he is talking with Rhiannon and his obvious apprehension to be revealing his secret, he emotionally connects with the audience and is comedic in sarcasm and apparent innocence.

A message I picked up in the movie and storyline is the importance of stability when growing. A’s lack of consistency and solidity regarding a home, family and friends are factors of his emotional instability. He clings to Rhiannon too tightly and ends up brokenhearted when he realizes it cannot be. As a person with personal experience in this aspect of life, I related to the character a lot, although, the actors did not seem to connect emotionally with their portrayals. Their parts didn’t seem believable.

The target audience was definitely young teenage girls or people with a soft spot for romance stories with an easy plot and not too much complication. I would recommend it to said audiences but my overall rating, out of 10, would be five. It slightly disappointed me with plot holes and unclear points.