Free Uzi Song Review

Jayton Rausch, Staff

Rapper Lil Uzi Vert, who is signed with Atlanta Records, has been having issues with his record label for a while. Atlanta Records has not allowed Uzi to release his long-awaited album Eternal Etake and they won’t tell him why he is not allowed to release it.

Not to long ago, due to the frustration, Uzi deleted all his music and said he would be retiring. But Uzi’s friend and fellow rapper NAV brought him back into rapping in secret. Uzi then released the song “Free Uzi” out of nowhere. Because of the contract issues Uzi has with Atlanta Records, they have made him take it off of most platforms, it can now only be found on Soundcloud and Youtube.

The song itself isn’t very good. It’s like most of Uzi’s music; the beat and lyrics he uses in the song are similar to all his songs, although, it is a sign that Uzi may be coming out of retirement.