Shazam! Review

Autumn Scriven, Staff

In a world where superheroes like the Avengers and the Justice League shine in the spotlight, Shazam! was released April 5 as DC attempt to captivate the audience with action and comedy.

Shazam! is about a 14-year-old kid, Billy Bateson (Asher Angel) who was put into foster care after losing his mom when he was young. Meanwhile an ancient force searches for a champion and when an evil force threatens to take his power he is forced to thrust upon the responsibility to save the world to Bateson turning him into Shazam.

The way Shazam! was told makes Bateson seem like an egotistical teen. Personally that enrages me how far they go to make a respected hero in my eyes into someone who was so self absorbed. Even though I feel enraged I think that was a fitting reaction for a boy who who was given this kind of magical power.

In the story we were told that Bateson was also in search of his mother who he lost when he was young. Although it does add to the story and helps us have more empathy and emotion towards the character, I feel as if they could have done more to utilize that fact more into the movie.

I loved how they used the theme of family and how family doesn’t have to be related to you. In the great scheme of things and it was really important in the end results of the movie. The fact that Bateson was in a foster home and had to learn to learn to work together with other people.

The duration of the main fight scene itself felt long and have most of the emotional change in climax of the character. In general that was done pretty well staying with the theme of the movie but I wish they didn’t put most of the dramatic emotions inside of the same fight sequence.
Shazam! overall was a good movie but lacked enough excitement and drama to draw me to come back to rewatch it again. I would suggest waiting until the movie is available to rent before sitting down and enjoying this DC movie.