Disney Plus Released

Paige Taylor, Staff


The Walt Disney Company announced in August 2016 that they were working on a new streaming source.   

Two years after the announcement, in November 2018, the big secret was revealed that the new streaming source they had come up with was named Disney+.  

At the 2018 D23 Expo the official prices for Disney+ were announced. For one month it is $6.99 or $69.99 per year ($5.83 a month).  Verizon also announced shortly after the announcement of the prices that they were teaming up with Disney to give all their customers their first year of Disney+ free. The app and the channel will be available for download Nov. 12 on all Apple TVS, Rokus, iPhones, PlayStation4, Xbox, Android and many more places to stream.  

Since Disney owns ESPN Disney decided to do a bundle where if you have a Hulu account and you’ve bought Disney+, there is a bundle option to add to your account you’ll get ESPN for free. Not only do they have the ESPN channelthey have a Star Wars Channel, Disney Nature, Pixar, Disney movies, tv shows and so much more. 

The launch took place at 3 a.m. EST and when the launch happened the reports came in that 3.2 million downloads happened on the official launch.  

It was a big success for the Walt Disney Company.  

Many people are streaming daily and enjoying the Disney movies and shows.  

Yet on the morning of the launch there were many people saying that Disney+ had crashed. The customers were calling customer service to which where some were on hold for over seven hours.  

The problem came from a coding issue which lead to the app crashing this problem also resorted from the software not able to handle the demand. By the end of the launch day most of the people who said the app crashed had gotten access to the app.