Holiday Dates

Sydney Carey, staff

Top 30 best holidate ideas for you and your s/o


  1. Ice Skating
  2. Sledding
  3. Building a snowman together
  4. Exchanging gifts
  5. Going to buy Matching Pajamas 
  6. Watching holiday movies
  7. Decorating Christmas Trees
  8. Going to the Festival of trees In Tacoma Convention center
  9. Going to Holiday parties
  10. Black friday shopping
  11. Making gingerbread houses
  12. Driving and looking at Christmas lights
  13. Walking down Snowflake lane together
  14. Writing letters to Santa
  15. Zoo lights
  16. Going to Watsons to see the reindeer
  17. Decorate Christmas Cookies
  18. Snow ball fights
  19. Counting down new years eve
  20. Build a blanket fort
  21. Make ugly Christmas sweaters
  22. Polar Plunge in Seattle Alki Beach
  23. Sit by a fire
  24. Make snow angels
  25. Build an igloo
  26. Go volunteering together
  27. Go on a winter walk through a park
  28. Go Christmas shopping
  29. Go get holiday drinks at a coffee shop
  30. Santa Parade