Music Artists Around The World

Yujin Kim, Staff

Music has changed itself constantly throughout the generations and has even affected everyone substantially as a whole. That being said, it’s good to explore the music genres that provide different styles and varieties to pick and choose from. 


From all around the world, music artists provide and produce their own stories and thoughts, with the strong hope that people will listen to them through one of the things they love most. Not only do they work to reach their way to the top of the charts, it is extremely notable they have their voice heard; even in a small area of listeners.


Ever since pop music started trending in the United States in the 1930s, starting from ‘swing’, it has currently exploded on multiple radio platforms. Country and rock are also what the United States is focused on but what do other areas around the world want to hear?


Russian singer, dancer and actor Sergey Lazarev is one of the most famous presenters in Russia, representing the country with participating in many music contests; having the Eurovision Song Contests in 2016 and 2019 ultimately playing a big part in his role as an inspiring celebrity. His main genre of music being pop, he was once associated with Smash!!, a group that aided him in his rise to fame.


In a YouTube video named ‘Quick Questions with Sergey Lazarev’, Lazarev answers a couple questions that helps his fans get to know more about him and to give the fans an idea about his next ideas or projects. So far, Lazarev has finished third place twice in Eurovision, an annual international song competition mainly focused around European participants. 


“‘What is the best thing about going to Eurovision?’” a clip in the video says. 


“I think the best thing is, well, the audience supports you during the performance. Last time, when I was in Eurovision before I started my song, the audience was screaming ‘Sergey! Sergey!…Whoa, it really helps a lot,” Lasarev said.


Support from fans, especially ones from all around the world, makes artists feel a lot more motivated and inspired; in the meantime, it boosts their self-confidence. Based on the fans state that Sergey’s work spreads the thoughts and feelings that they want to communicate, expressing the best soul-searching theme.


Imagine Dragons’ lead vocalist Dan Reynolds has won millions of listeners worldwide, having been nominated for four Grammys, as well as Record of the Year for Radioactive and Best Rock Performance. Despite welding the image of a perfect life and a family, Reynolds suffers from ankylosing spondylitis, a severe autoimmune disorder that primarily affects the spine. 


“How has [this condition] affected you as a musician?” PeopleNow asks Reynolds, in an exclusive interview that talks all about Reynolds’ ‘hidden’ condition. 


“So it affects your joints—basically they inflame,” Reynolds said. “For me, it started in my lower hips, kind of felt like someone was drilling in my nerves. I couldn’t sleep, I couldn’t stand, I couldn’t perform, I couldn’t move onstage like I needed to.” 


Reynolds is currently helping to bring awareness to these kinds of situations, especially people who can relate to his own condition. 


Just last year, Imagine Dragons came out with a new single, Zero. The lyrics of Zero express the struggles and dark moments in the life of Dan Reynolds, who constantly feels like a Zero compared to others and society’s standards. 


Relating to Reynolds’ condition, many people around the world can relate to his words and the meanings behind them. 


South Korea has a large variety of pop-like groups, acknowledging the fact that K-Pop has become very popular everywhere, let alone around the world. Containing a large fanbase, Korean music’s influence is impacting fans more than ever.


Blackpink, a popular girls’ K-pop group that is exploding with popularity, has gathered a large quantity of eager fans that become inspired by their beauty tips and talented dance moves. 


Most K-pop stars, including Blackpink, have inspiring styles and a certain theme that introduces their fans to a certain positivity that matches with a quirky style and attitude. 


But like every star out there, they are forced to put on a face for the cameras.


The struggles that every popular celebrity faces out there are covered by their fans, encouraging them to go lengths to not just make their fans happy but the people who are giving them the gift of assertive motivation and incitement. 


The K-Pop movement is going strong today, especially in different segments around the world. “I’m very thankful for the time that we’re in,” Jennie Kim, Blackpink’s main rapper and lead vocalist said in the Blackpink chart takeover for Apple Music. “Everyone is so interested in K-pop right now.”


“It’s surreal,” Park Chae Young, also known as Rosie, said. “So glad to be a part of it. I’m kind of nervous at the same time, but really excited to see how things turn out.”


Talented artists worldwide shows that a little can go a long way. With the help of a little encouragement from fans, it is a matter of time before new ideas surface for hopeful listeners all around the world.