Disney+ Releases New Catalog

Alison Ely, Staff

     Throughout the month of October, Disney Plus has released plenty of recent programs. Some include older movies like The Chronicles of Narnia, and more recent originals like Mulan. These movies and TV shows are entertaining, along with films that have more of a serious tone.


      The Chronicles of Narnia fantasy series was released this month, including three films in total. The books were formed into live action adaptations in the early 2000’s. They revolved around adventures of Narnia, featuring children as the main characters. The storyline grows over the movies showing array animals, some realistic and other creatures like centaurs. It follows them as they grow into adults, showing each one having their own distinct personalities. All of the main characters had different skills for example archery and swordsmanship. The film also had some humor tied into it with the siblings’ love and playfulness at the right moments.  


     Hidden Figures came out a few years ago, but it had great reviews throughout its time in the theaters. It was based on an incredible true story about NASA space exploration. It takes place in 1961 where an all black group of female mathematicians were forced to deal with racism, which was common in those years. The film’s main focus was on three exceptional women, Katherine Johnson, Dorthy Vaughan, and Mary Jackson. All three served as “human computers” in the race to launch astronaut John Glenn into orbit. The film showed the struggle during those years for equality and how strong each of these characters are.


      Percy Jackson was added, including the two movies based on the novels. Although the fictional series included five books, only two movies were made. Most notably the movies didn’t follow the books at all, and even the author of the books was not impressed. It revolves around Greek mythology and creatures in that category. In mythology, “half bloods” are what is most referenced since Percy Jackson is half human and god. The storyline starts with the main character as he learns about his father which had been a mystery to him for years. After finding out it was Posiedon, the films spin into the adventures of Percy Jackson, and his character development as the second one starts.


     X-Men also made its way into the list. All of the Marvel collection was put on at once, allowing people to stream one film after another. The movies were made more realistic over the years, but as they got more recent less people were impressed. It focuses on a fictional world where people with unique abilities struggle to be accepted in society. They are feared throughout the storyline and have to be led by a character named Xavier to stay protected. It follows the violence and changes in the world with plenty of action sequences.

     The live action Mulan had plenty of anticipation coming to the platform. Mulan was originally an animated film that was an historical action and musical combined. The characters added some light humor and amazing action sequences .The story took place in the Northern and Southern dynasties, which were in China many years ago. The main character Hua Mulan, takes her father’s place in fear he will be drafted into the military. Although in those times as a woman she was unqualified to serve, she impersonated a man and was able to enter training. This movie puts her skills in full display, which included her intelligence, martial arts, and swordsmanship. 


   Overall, Disney plus has a great selection of films for the colder months of the year.