The Viking Vanguard

Damon Huard Presents Golden Football

Haley Keizur, Staff

January 28, 2016

Puyallup Alumni, Damon Huard, presents a golden football to a handful of Viking football Players. "If you want to dream, dream big and you can do it right here in Puyallup," Huard said. Huard awarded it at the Winter Sports while addressing the bo...

Would You Eat It In a Gym?

Hailey Keizur, Staff

January 28, 2016

Senior Riley Voss hosts this Dr. Seuss inspired game at the 2016 Winter Sport's Assembly. Two students from each grade participated in this game. "There was nine or 10 blended items, all dyed green, kind of like Green Eggs and Ham. Each team member dr...

Leadership students give insight on most common gift

December 18, 2015

Gabby Horton, Amanda Steimle and Apryl Johnson walk away after delivering Winter Wishes. Leadership have been distributing a variety of gifts all day. "We gave a lot Thr3e drinks cards. And not as many teddy bears as just stuffed animals. And a lot of flowers," said Gabby Horton....