Carrington finds solace in sports, struggles

Growing up, senior Sierra Carrington tried all of the sports imaginable.

While being most known for kicking a soccer ball throughout high school, Carrington started her athletic career with taekwondo.

Carrington was involved with taekwondo for four years, making it to the national championships in Minnesota as a young girl.

As Carrington arrived at nationals, girls were scarce in her weight division. Carrington decided she was capable of keeping up with the guys and in the end walked out of the arena with a gold medal.

Winning first in a boys division started a legacy of athletic supremacy for Carrington, including the start of a new sport: soccer.

“I play for the elite national league for Washington Premiere, and our main goal there is to get all the players committed to colleges, honestly, since around sixth grade it has been the goal. So I have been doing a lot of research through the years and I came across Boise and I love the atmosphere,” Carrington said. “It was not too far from home but it is just close enough and I knew the coaches there and I have good connections there, luckily they really wanted me to play for them so it all worked out.”

Soccer has proved to be Carrington’s strong suit over the years. Her team has influenced her heavily, not only showing her to have patience during the game but showing her how to be a part of the team.

“The soccer team is a family that is not blood related, being a part of this sisterhood and always having each other’s backs has created some great friendships, I really don’t take that for granted. I am so blessed because of the opportunities I have had through soccer. Being a part of this sisterhood has really impacted my life for the better,” Carrington said.

By being a part of these teams Carrington has secured a spot on the team at Boise State University through hard work and dedication to her sport.

“I am really stoked about going to Boise state next year. I have already met a lot of the recruits and they are super cool, I am actually rooming with one of them. I am really excited for a new environment and a new start in life,” Carrington said.

Carrington’s family has played a large role in her success with soccer, her father being a college athlete and her mother supporting her through thick and thin has lead her through her high school career and onto college.

“When I think about who I am today I look back to a time in my life that really helped me identify who I am, which was when Whitney Marshall committed suicide. It was probably the craziest thing, easily, that I have ever been through in my life,” Carrington said. “It showed me to be not only a good teammate but also a good friend and to be loyal to people and faithful, also to honestly never take a day for granted. I think about her every day, she pushes me— I feel her presence pushing me in the right direction. This entire experience has really shaped me to be this graduating senior that I am today.”